Availability of Dried Persimmons vs. Fresh ones

By: Dried Persimmon Filed Under: Cultivation Posted: February 6, 2013

Persimmon is a fruit which is native to china but has now spread in many countries. It is a very delicious fruit and is available in reddish color. This fruit is not available throughout the year. It requires a bit cold weather for its production. This fruit is also not available throughout the world but is liked by people in many countries. So the person, who is living in those countries where persimmon cannot be produced, uses its dry form.

They dry the fruit and then they can use it any time when they want. The good thing about dried persimmons is that it does not lose their taste and aroma. The dried persimmon in the local language is known as Hoshigaki. This term is used especially in the Japan.

This process of drying this fruit goes back 700 years ago. Most of the people prefer its dried form over fresh. The dried persimmons are available in many countries in markets. The process of drying persimmons is also done on the domestic level and people use it for their home usage. Drying of this fruit not only preserves this fruit but also brings healthy attributes to it.

Dried persimmons are very delicious and tasty. The drying of this fruit can be compared to the drying of dates. This fruit has got a unique and distinct taste. This fruit can be considered as sweet as well in the dried form and it is also served with the tea in the Japan.

Good thing about dried food is that it does not lose its taste. If you want to eat it in fresh form, it is soft while if you are planning to dry it then it is little hard to eat. The drying of this fruit takes many weeks so you have to be patient and careful during the whole course of time. The dried form of this fruit is easily available in the markets. The product is very hard to find in fresh form away from the areas of production but you can have it in dried form everywhere.

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