Dried Persimmon – Nutritional Values & Benefits

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This fruit is native to china but is now available in many countries. It is mostly produced in china, Japan and California. Its tree grows up to 25 feet in height. This tree has got many vitamins and fats that are very important for body development. This fruit is considered to be low in proteins and fats but it is a rich source of fiber.

It also has many phyto nutrients and anti oxidants’ that play a very important role in the metabolism. Dry persimmons also contain a good amount of vitamin A and vitamins C. both of these are strong anti oxidants. It also contains a good amount of the minerals such as the potassium and magnesium which are important for the body development. The areas of the world where it is not available in the fresh form it is used in the dried form. It has got a unique texture and its flesh can be firm or mushy. It has got its American type as well. Dried persimmon is used to make Korean punch.

This fruit has got much medicinal use as well. This fruit is supposed to contain a high level of dietary fiber and phenol compounds. A lot much number of minerals and other necessary compounds are present in this fruit. The main items present in it are iron, zinc and magnesium.  It also contains a very good amount of vitamin c and the carotene. So it has got a high nutritional value as well. A regular use of this fruit is considered to improve the flow of blood to the heart which reduces the risks of heart attack. This fruit has also got the ability to improve the metabolism of lipids.

The raw fruit is also used to stop the bleeding and to treat the constipation problem. The cooked fruit is used to treat diarrhea. The dried persimmons are also used to scare the tigers in the Korea. Unripe fruits are used to make the pasture for the horses. However it is suggested that they should not be eaten with an empty stomach.

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