Why you should use Dried Persimmon?

By: Dried Persimmon Filed Under: Uses Posted: December 9, 2012

Persimmons are not that tasty like guava and pomegranate but still cannot be avoided by humans. The major reason for this is their high medicinal importance. They are rich in vitamins and are used in number of cosmetics. Face wash and bleaching creams usually treat dried persimmon as major ingredient. Dried persimmons are best anti-oxidants available naturally and can be used for the treatment of dead skin. This fruit can also be used for external treatment of skin. Fruit tree is usually grown in areas where winters are long and summers are mild. Normal height of these trees is reported to be 25 feet. Keeping in view the medicinal importance of the fruit, it is dried and stored for longer period of time so that it can be used for different medical purposes. Different companies also preserve the fruit and sell in the market during off season.

Due to the presence of anti-tumor compound that is betulinic acid, persimmons are considered good for cancer treatment. This fruit is also prescribed for the treatment of brain tumor. A person suffering from capillary bleeding that occurs inside the human body can also use this fruit. It can be really useful in treatment of bleeding blood vessels. This highlights the significance of using dried persimmons even if you are suffering from severe diseases like stated above.

Cosmetic use of persimmons is also evident by the presence of vitamins, antioxidants and other such compounds that function against aging. You can look younger by regular use of persimmons. Dried persimmons can be used to prepare face masks that can be used for cosmetic purposes. These masks need to be retained on the skin for almost an hour. Persimmons have magical ability of reducing white heads and black heads present on the skin. The paste made up of persimmon can be applied to sensitive parts like face when skin damage may occur by the use of hard materials.

Human body starts to develop natural immunity against infection by the regular intake of persimmons. Dried persimmons can also be mixed with water to prepare a thick paste that can directly be applied to the wounds as it acts as antiseptic.

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