How to dry persimmons?

By: Dried Persimmon Filed Under: Cultivation Posted: January 24, 2013

Persimmons are an edible fruit of many species of trees in the genus of Diospyros. All of its species do not bear the fruit so there are only a limited number of species which produce this fruit. This fruit has got an orange to yellowish color. It has a round shape like orange having a very clear skin. This fruit is juicy and tasty. They vary in their sizes and the shapes. It has got a low protein content and it has got the medicinal use as well. The fruit has got a very good glucose content so it is liked by most of the people. Its fruit has also got two types. This fruit can be used fresh, dried or cooked. It can be eaten whole or it can be cut into the pieces and skin is peeled.

The area of the country where it is not available in the fresh form, it is used in the dried form. The dried fruit can be kept for a long time without the change in the taste. The procedure for drying the fruit is quite simple. The first step is to cut the fruit from the tree with a small branch which is then used for hanging it. The second step is to peel the fruit but leave a small portion of the skin at the bottom so that the sugar might not fall from the bottom. Hang them with the help of a string at a certain space from each other so that they can receive proper dry air.

After a few weeks the fruit becomes whitish and it is the time when the sugar has crystallized. These dry persimmons have a nice texture and superb taste. The main advantage of the dried fruit is that you can use them any time throughout the year because they can remain stored in good condition for a long time and even the aroma does not changes. The dried fruits look like crystal balls of very nice shade. The dried persimmons are very delicious and tasty and are liked by people of all ages especially in china.

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